De-Googling – A History

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You know, there is nothing new under the sun. Back in the late 1800’s there was a company called, “Standard Oil“. This company was owned by John D. Rockefeller. He started in back in the mid 1800’s after looking at some oil fields and realizing there was a opportunity there. He started refining oil and eventually went to own just under 90% of all oil production in the United States. Standard Oil was broken up by President Theodore Roosevelt.

President Roosevelt realized the danger of monopolies in the economic space, and for government. He broke Standard Oil up into just over 30 different business units (Think Tower of Babel). Much damage had been done by this point already and after this the Federal Reserve was created in 1913. We’ll go over that in another article.

Controlling oil gave Rockefeller a huge amount of power, why? Because oil was the most desired commodity at the time. Everyone needed it. They needed it for Kerosene in the 1800’s, then with the invention of the automobile and gasoline they needed it for that. THEN they needed it for electricity and the electric age. We still use oil quite a bit today.

We are a data driven economy now. Data is the new oil. Google owns the data. Do you see the connection? Google owns your digital self.

I’ll also redefine Google and use them as, “Big Tech”. These companies all use the same business model. The model of sucking up your digital self, packaging it, running analytics on it, and selling it for advertising or any other purpose.

You may not think that your data is important, because you aren’t some big important person. You are wrong. Every person is important, and when people in aggregate give up their sovereignty digitally they are giving up their rights. These companies are able to manipulate your mind, because you have allowed them to.

There is a balance to be struck be largeness and smallness. The internet is large, but it is democratic the sense of it’s made of up billions of small people. Open source is a method of people working together to build digital applications and systems that can be used by other individuals. This is a great thing, and it is how we do business. It comports more with nature than a monolithic organization controlling everything.

The next time we talk about De-Googling I’ll get into the specifics. Email. What email options do you have to get off Gmail?

Hire Us to help you get off Google.




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