The Parallel Christian Economy

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What is the parallel Christian economy? Well, it’s something that is happening online due to the censorship of Christian speech in the United States primarily. Christians, and others, are being prevented from using their economic freedoms to conduct business, transact online through the banking system, and other areas of life due to their beliefs. I would argue that this is not an unusual thing to occur, it just so happens that our culture has transitioned from being pro-Christian to anti-Christian, that is all.

There are men standing up throughout the United States building alternatives to the mainstream services. The problem they are solving is big, and requires many different solutions working together. That is what the economy is in a free/semi-free market. One of the communications platforms doing this is Gab. They are a social media platform, but more than that, they are a platform using alternative payment methods, crypto currency, and their own server architecture to try and prevent the silencing of the speech allowed on their platform.

Crypto Currency is another alternate economic tool being used. Bitcoin and Monero (Read helpful articles about Monero/XMR here: allow for individual trade of a fungible and private coin to buy and sell. You can do this right now purchasing services online. You can buy gift cards using Bitcoin and then buy physical goods. You can exchange Monero and Bitcoin to buy at locations that accept one and not the other at SideShift.AI (You will need to use a VPN to access it from the United States).

The TOR network is a tool available to everyone that allows for anonymous access to the internet. You can download the TOR browser, or use the Brave browser to access the TOR network and .onion domains.

There is the Brave browser that is pro-privacy and wants you to have a right to communication without being tracked or watched online.

There are companies like Altha Technology who are trying to build an alternate datacenter system for you to house your data and help you become less of a slave to the tyrannical authorities that be who disrespect God, nature, and the laws therein.

There are Christian payment processors like who are willing to provide Credit Card processing for Christians who are being silenced in the United States.

The parallel economy is building and we need to pay attention. There will be a black/grey market that exists, because there will have to be. When I lived in Cuba, Syria, and Iraq, there was always a black market. The regular market never had everything you needed, so you have to work with the people who actually were able to get what was needed. We are entering this age, and it’s important to have the communication systems, finance systems, and trust needed to function when times are tough.

Hire Us for a consultation about your parallel Christian economy solution, maybe we can help.




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