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Hey Folks,

This week we are launching our first product. The Altha Phone. It is a de-googled phone experience.

We have been working on this project, as far as website and business idea, for about 6 weeks. I think it’s a good idea and a good move.

We really don’t like Google, and believe in open source technology and self-hosting of data and information. The phone is a great first step to get people into the universe of open source, and privacy. The next step, I hope, is to get them interested in self-hosting and building out a distributed data center and data management system to bring privacy and sovereignty back to people’s data.

There is an aspect of where we live, physically, that I believe matters. We really should strive to live a large part of our lives where we are physically located. As a tech business owner, I do spend a majority of my time, “Somewhere else.” IE, on a screen. This is unhealthy, and unnatural. Right now, I don’t have a great way around this problem, but I do strive to live more where I am.

As part of the Altha Phone project, we are hoping to start building out a support infrastructure to provide actual, real, human support and problem solving with devices. This is the much bigger and harder problem to solve. There is a reason that Google, and other big tech companies avoid the support issue. It’s just really hard providing support to the general public. It takes a lot of time, and is not very profitable.

We will likely have to charge, and maybe a lot of money, for support, but hope to create a sustainable model to provide United States based support, that actually knows what they are talking about, and is able to provide real solutions, for you and your tech needs.

We aren’t there yet, so we appreciate your prayers, and in the mean time, BUY A PHONE!!!




Owner, Altha Technology

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