Faith – Hope – Love – and Tech

On Weakness

Many times I find that we look to others for support. It's a type of co-dependence. Originally, I would've thought this is all bad. I do think there is a type of co-dependence that is necessary. When we contemplate the Trinity there are three in one. Even God Himself...

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The Altha Phone

As part of the Altha Phone project, we are hoping to start building out a support infrastructure to provide actual, real, human support and problem solving with devices. This is the much bigger and harder problem to solve. There is a reason that Google, and other big tech companies avoid the support issue. It’s just really hard providing support to the general public. It takes a lot of time, and is not very profitable.

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Fear of Death

Hey There, I was at the gym yesterday and after working out went into the sauna. I have found, for whatever reason, being half-naked and sweating makes people open up a lot more. More often than not I end up having great conversations with people in the sauna. It's...

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